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    Truly Visionary

    In business since 1998, Aloye™® has been recommended by experts within the US Department of Justice, County of Berks, County of Orange, Dell Inc., and many others. read more

  • Aloye™® Products

    Optimize Impact

    Aloye™® eCampaigner CRM, eCal System, Online Backup, Email, and HASP USB Virtualization will revolutionize your business. read more

  • Remote Support


    Aloye™® Remote Support is an affordable and fast way to solve your technology problems. Order online and let us solve your problem now. order support now

  • Web and Email Hosting


    Unlimited email accounts, Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Hosting Space. Aloye™® Unlimited Period. Order now

  • Online Backup


    Aloye™® Online Backup allows you to backup your entire infrastructure. Guaranteed lowest prices. We honor competitiors quotes. read more

  • HASP USB Virtualization

    Break Free

    Our revolutionary reverse engineering service converts your physical HASP USB Key into a virtual key so you never need to use a physical adapter again. read more

  • Microsoft Solutions

    Always Available 365

    Office 365, Exchange, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, and more - We do it all order service now

  • Enterprise Services


    e-Commerce, Network Security, Reverse Engineering, Microsoft, And many more - We do it all order service now

  • Who is Jim Aloye™®


    Aloye™® has built numerous datacenters and corporate infrastructures from the ground up. His experience is as broad as it is extensive. read more

Hours of Operation

Aloye™® is available for on-site engagements and remote support, by appointment as listed below.

  • Weekdays (Customers Only): Access to Aloye™® Support Staff in Accordance with Contract Terms 24/7
  • Weekdays (Open to the general public for sales and support) from 7:00 PM to 11:59 PM
  • Saturday: Open 24 hours
  • Sunday: Open 24 hours
  • Holidays: Open by Appointment 24 hours

Aloye™® Sales and Support is available 24/7 via our Toll Free Hotline

  • 1-844-MR-ALOYE

Aloye™® is Hiring for the following positions: